Monday, October 29, 2007

Beantown Visitors

This weekend Clayton and Emily visited us from Boston. As recent transplants from Chicago, they weren't ready to claim the Red Sox as their hometown team, despite their impressive sweep of the World Series. (Clayton is from Colorado, you see....) In other sports news, Georgia debuted her Bears gear only to watch the Bears fall to Detroit.

Lincoln Park Zoo.

Millennium Park.

Emily and Clayton under "The Bean."

Go Bears!

Me and my dad, about to be sorely disappointed. We had a nice lounge-y day, though.


Danni said...

Please don't be alarmed. . . in fact it's perfectly healthy and normal. But I think Georgia is a Packer Backer. I hope that you won't try to repress her natural cheesehead instincts and guarantee years of therapy. Please, I implore you, get thee to the baby Packers gear store STAT.

Anonymous said...

So honored to have made the blog.
-Clayton and Emily