Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We went to Columbia, MO for Georgia's 1st Christmas. Here are some holiday highlights from our trip and a few shots of us getting into the spirit in the preceding weeks. (BTW, for those of you who are avid readers of Two Little Tidbits, apologies if this post is duplicative, but what can I say? We spent Christmas together.)

A montage of the cousins showing off Advent gifts from Nana (against their will, depending on who you ask):

A visit to the mall to see Santa:

Christmas at Nana & Pop's:

Mmmmm....when can I get me some of them solids?

Modeling the fur hats that Gigi passed on to us. She tells us that "all the women will be wearing them this winter" and that they're coming back into style. She is correct in her prediction that I will be the only person on my block with a hat like this. Of course, it does require a heavy dose of Advil due to its tiny size and my large noggin... (As an aside, do any of you crafty people out there know of a way to display an item of clothing that has sentimental value but is not really "law office 2008" attire?)

The moment Georgia decided to join PETA.

To be continued....
[I just discovered that many of the Christmas shots were taken on Beth's camera...]

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jessica said...

Oh man, Sam is pissed in those montage shots.