Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tree, Tree, Go Away

As you may recall from this post or this one, getting our Christmas tree purchased, up and decorated was more of a production this year than we had anticipated. Taking it down was faster and more fun, since it involved throwing it out the window off of our juliet balcony. Except, it wasn't all fun, since the tree seemed to be made of green spray painted shards of glass. Since we are no longer capable of doing spontaneously stupid things without also getting out the camera to photograph them, here's the evidence:

Kate taking down lights. Oven mitts required to avoid serious blood loss.



Heave ho!

Next stop, a City of Chicago Christmas tree recycling drop-off station. In exchange for our tree, they sent Joe home with a compact fluorescent light bulb and....ANOTHER TREE. Don't they understand we were trying to get RID of a tree? Anyway, of course we couldn't just ditch the thing, so please give a warm welcome to our newest addition:

We have become foster parents of this tree. It will live with us until we are next out at Joe's parents' house. There it should thrive all winter in the warm glow of the plant lights in their basement. (Yes, they have plant lights in the basement. No further questions, please.) I suppose what becomes of our little sapling come Spring will be their decision.

Lastly, since we've now shown you the "before" and the "after," it only seems fair to show you the "during."

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Mike&Maggie said...

That last photo is too adorable!! I love it, you guys are a Hallmark card :-)