Monday, February 4, 2008


1) Happy Birthday to Joe this week!

2) Call me if you run into any trouble voting on Tuesday. I'll be manning the Illinois call center for 1-866-OUR-VOTE, but that's a nationwide number that should work for anyone, anywhere. It's totally non-partisan and sponsored by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law - they don't care who you vote for, they just want you to vote. So, if your polling place isn't open on time, there's a random police presence, you're p.o.'d that your ballot isn't written in Chinese, or (hypothetically, of course) you're a new citizen who immigrated from Australia, registered by mail, and are voting for the first time, give us a ring. (I know what you're thinking - "why on Earth would I call a real estate attorney?" Don't worry, there will be people there who know what they're doing better than I.)

3) I should not admit this, but it's too crazy not to mention: I realized this week that I was wearing 18 year old sweatpants. No joke. Is that a world record?

4) Sign that you really have become a parent: in preparing an iPod playlist for said birthday, you actually pause, ponder, and debate it in your head for several minutes, and then end up purchasing the clean rather than the explicit version of the song you wanted.

5) Georgia's new tricks of the week: she's mastered the 360 degree roll (on occasion), and she's way into smiling while sticking her tongue out at the same time. (Sounds easy? Try it. I can't do both simultaneously.) We've had to start raising the side rail on the crib now, lest she gain too much momentum in all this rolling, so it kinda looks more cage-like now.


Susan said...

1) Happy Birthday, Joe!!
2) How'd you get this gig? I'm guessing it's just a volunteer thing...are you taking vacation to do this? I'm impressed.
3) There's no way I could wear sweatpants from 18 years ago. I think I was about 6 inches shorter - they'd be total highwaters- not to mention, thinner! Although, I have been wearing a nightgown this week that I got for high school graduation - that's 14 years!
4) You are totally becoming a mom!
5) I stick my tongue out while smiling all the time, too! It's way cuter on Georgia, though.

Alice T. said...

A. I want to see a photo of the sweatpants - there are plenty of us blog readers who will remember them if we get a visual

B. I want a photo of this smiling-tongue trick that my niece has INVENTED!

Mike&Maggie said...

I thought I'd set a record by recently giving away a pair of jeans I bought when I was 23 years old... I've clearly been bested by the sweat pants.

Happy birthday, Joe!!

Love the new smiling trick :-) Can't wait to see it in person!

Danni said...

Happy birthday Joe! And way to go Georgia!