Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Developing News

First, a big happy send off and best wishes to our good friend Melanie, who recently embarked on her journey to Madagascar to take up her new Peace Corps position there. We can't wait to be able to link to her blog. (Getting a blog up and running is your first priority there, right, Mel?)

Georgia's been working on some projects of her own. Like,

Consuming solid foods:

She likes to help.

Recovering from a traumatic tookus experience:

(I had to include this. I find it funny because her head is about 1/3 the size of her body.)

Yea! I'm healed! (Long story short, with most gross medical details eliminated: G has eczema, G gets eczema in diaper region, doctor says no, it is yeast infection, K & J diligently apply prescribed cream, turns out not to be yeast, unnecessary cream extremely aggravates said eczema, results in very bad scene, including temporarily screamy baby and minor amounts of blood loss. Problem re-diagnosed, cream changed, time passes, all is well!) In other medical news, last week we thought Georgia had conjunctivitis (aka, pink eye), which also turned out to be a false positive. (We do have a really great doctor in a wonderful practice, I swear!)

Growing hair:
You may not have been able to tell from all of the pictures on this blog that for many months Georgia has had quite the mohawk going, since all of her newborn "side hair" fell out, but the top never did. Usually she sports a comb-over, but occasionally it's just a straight up wild mohawk.
In the last 3 weeks or so, the side hair has really sprouted, though, so I thought I had better take some pictures of this phenomenon before it's too late. I have no editing skills (or self control, I should say), so here are 6 views.

The "Mom just glommed eczema cream on to my scalp which then makes my hair all gummy" look.


Party on top!

Whatchu lookin at? (The "I just got out of the bathtub" look.)

Hockey hair in back.

Are we done here?

Lots of rolling around:

BTW, check out that super-adorable embroidered diaper! If it doesn't make a tiny part of you (maybe the fashion conscious part of you?) think of switching to cloth, I don't know what will. (Thanks for the dipe, Aunt Beth!)

(and drumroll please) Sitting up!:

Look Ma, no spotters!


jessica said...

Great G update! Love the Georgia diaper! I had a baby mohawk too and look how awesome I turned out!

Mike&Maggie said...

Mohawk kids rule!!!