Monday, March 3, 2008

Playing catch-up

Here's what the Niblick has been up to.

Hanging out with Mom.

A visit to Mike & Maggie's.

Anna's very good at pointing.

Georgia' on her dexterity.

Did I mention Anna's good at pointing?

Photo caption contest - leave your entry in the comments.

Advanced peekaboo: Where's Maggie?

There she is!

We are very sick of winter and cold and snow around here. Blech. Ready for spring, or as I prefer to call Chicago's season change, (being the cold weather wimp/crank that I am), "winter #2." June cannot come fast enough. (P.S. Joe doesn't really shovel with Georgia strapped to him. )

Every once in a while we cheat and try to sneak the TV on in the background even though Georgia's not allowed to watch it. Apparently, the forbidden only becomes more enticing. Here she is doing a back bend to catch a glimpse of the Superbowl.

Grabbing faces = big time fun.


The outtakes from her 6-month photo shoot are better than the real deal:


Danni said...

She's so freaking cute.

I'm ready for June too. Ugh.

Kate said...

Thanks! You know, I didn't even really do my hair that day. Oh - were talking about Georgia...riiiight.

jessica said...

I love the new pictures! I wish I lived close to you guys but the pictures help me feel like I'm not completely out of the loop.