Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get Your Picture Fix Here

Got a little behind on posting pictures, so here's what we've been up to for about a month.

Easter weekend in Chicago. You have GOT to be kidding me.

One week later, and with the temp breaking into the 40's, we called that good enough for bundling all the cousins up in fleece jumpsuits and heading to the park. (P.S. Remember when Georgia was bigger than Sam? I think that lasted about 3 weeks.)

Same weekend. Seriously? The snow hasn't totally melted, we're still bundled up, and the ICE CREAM TRUCK is coming by? I know we're all dying to get outside, but c'mon. (Funny thing is, kids came out in droves on our block for this, so what do I know?)

Georgia sizing up Mambo the stuffed hippo.

Yeah, I can take her.

Graduating from the infant tub to the kitchen sink.

In case I die tomorrow. (This is getting a little out of control.)

We like to fly-fly in big circles.

With Mom, too.

Reading with Dad.

These books are delicious!

Our little guzzler mastering the art of holding her bottle for herself. As you can see from the dribbles (or was that spit up?), she's still getting the hang of it here.

Days later: holding the bottle is for suckers! Let your gut hang out and just relax, man.

She's still "Soooo big!"

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