Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sanibel Teaser

Happy Mothers Day, everybody! We're back from vacation, which you can tell from the fact that I'm on a blogging tear (scroll down for 3 new posts created today).

Little known fact: I LOVE before and after photography. Seriously. So, until I have time to upload all of our vacation pics, here's a little preview. (And, p.s., stay tuned for more before and after photo fun on this blog. I've got other stuff that I've just never gotten around to posting, but I'm telling you, it's gold, Jerry, GOLD!)


Sanibel, Florida, April 2007. "Do these sunglasses make my belly look big?"


Sanibel, Florida, May 2008.

(Um, you can tell my level of dedication to the before and after premise from the fact that I just posted a PREGNANT SWIMSUIT picture of myself on the internet. Holy crap - I think I may have officially just lost my mind.)


Mike&Maggie said...

Looks like fun! Georgia is a cutie pie in her swim outfit :-)

Anonymous said...

love (LOVE) the hat (Georgia's).