Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stealthy Chompers

Around about the beginning of April, Georgia's first two teeth broke through. Capturing them on camera hasn't been easy. Like any responsible parents, though, we've made sure that Georgia has had world-class dental care from the start.

Trying to make her laugh so that we can see the teeth.
(Note: if only this photo had sound effects, you'd realize that while it may look like she's laughing, she's actually coughing, grunting, and otherwise using all of her powers to stifle any laughter from being emitted. Why she won't just let it out is beyond us. Truly a tough crowd.)

Ah ha! Got 'em! (Um, you might actually have to click the photo to enlarge it to see the toofers.)

Georgia in the dentist's chair at 5 weeks old, looking appropriately skeptical.
(Everybody starts preventative care early, right?)

J/k, j/k, people. Just a little field trip back in September.

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Danni said...

OMG too funny. You had me!