Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dingo Ate My Baby

Last weekend we took a trip to the zoo and later visited our friend Shep and his new puppy, Willie. Georgia was most thrilled with the people-watching at the zoo. Apparently, she was still a little young to notice the abundance of live animals, but Joe and I enjoyed them. We had a little setback when we stopped to eat and Georgia got terrified by an overzealous seagull. I imagine I'd be scared, too, if I saw a bird the same size as me standing 3 feet away and squawking like crazy.

Wow, there is a lot going on in this photo. I think I'll submit this with my Mother of the Year application.


Susan said...

That puppy is precious!

On a side-note, I love to see that you're wearing birks. I had a pair from about 1997-2002 and have missed them ever since they bit the dust. I've been wondering lately if it is still acceptable to get another pair. Glad to see it is!

Kate said...

too funny - I think those ARE my 1997-2002 birks, which had been in a box in my closet for quite a while, and for some reason I got them back out. it's probably NOT acceptable to be wearing them, but man, I had forgotten how comfortable they are!

Beth said...

I'm noticing a dog trend on your blog. When are you guys going to break down and get a pooch?