Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Little Roman

Enough with the before and after already, I know, I know! But I ran out of blog-posting steam last week and still had this 1 more set to share.
Although you may think based on this post that we're not feeding her, Georgia's got a voracious appetite these days. And while she does know the baby sign language for "milk" and "more," she doesn't yet seem to understand that those things are supposed to be substitutes for freaking out, crying, flapping her arms, grunting and moaning in the brief interlude between when the 1st course has tragically ended and the 2nd course of the meal has yet to begin. (Excuse us, sweetie, for not being able to cut bananas fast enough! Sheesh!) As the title suggests, she often knows no limit, so we're doing our best to minimize messes by figuring one out for her. When we guess on the low end, though, there is hell to pay.

Please, God, nooooooo! The cottage cheese has ended! I am going to starve! Why are they torturing me like this?

4 seconds later.

Can you imagine cottage cheese being the thing that you really, really craved? Wouldn't that be fantastic? Transitioning a baby on to solids and then table food feels like a science experiment to me sometimes, because we're working with such a pure, clean palette. (Except a science experiment would have order and process, whereas with this, I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time.) It also makes us aware of how bad our own diet can be at times, you know, like when we're eating homemade nachos in front of Georgia saying, "Oh sorry, chips aren't for babies. Here, have some more freshly made, mushed-up kohlrabi greens. Mmmmm, mmmm - delicious!" I've often wondered if I could pull off a baby/toddler diet for say, a week straight, but have never had the guts to try it.

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jessica said...

That Georgia is so demanding! But who can blame her? She knows that cottage cheese is a good source of protein...something that I just recently learned.