Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sugar Grove

Okay, so I'm a little out of chronological order here, but weekend before last we enjoyed a relaxing trip to the 'burbs. As it was an extended family affair, lucky for me Beth's already got the story and the pics posted over at Two Little Tidbits, but here's 1 little gem she missed.

Aunt Sara, Gran, (Alice in background), and Georgia. Maybe the sun was in her eyes, because despite the look on her face here, Georgia had a wonderful time at the pool.

Oh, and in the spirit of this week's theme, how could we resist recreating this shot from last summer?

Tweedledum and Tweedledee, late July 2007. Wowza. Looking back, I can't believe we ever looked like that.

June, 2008. Goofball attacking unsuspecting sister, you can decide who's who.

Sadly, this photograph is the last known appearance of my GPS sports watch. Please contact the authorities if you have any information regarding its whereabouts. Oh, watch, what good is your GPS if you can't tell me where you are?

EDIT: Watch found! Hooray! Thank you, Marsha.

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