Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Little G goes to Big D

Ahhhhh....what a wonderful refresher course in Texas heat. No really, I loved it. 100 degress isn't bad when you're steps from a pool and a cooler of drinks at all times. We all had such a relaxing time, and Georgia especially enjoyed playing the temporary role of "5th sister." Some highlights:

The pool, of course.

75 rounds of the sunglasses game.

Wii in the evening.

Wii in the morning. It was our first time playing, and we thoroughly enjoyed getting whipped by an 8 year old at Mario Kart.

Hey, where'd you get that controller?

Who, us? No, we were not trying to play Wii. Promise.

Oh, sure, they look all sweet here....

...but those 2 gave Joe a serious workout.

Joe, the baby whisperer.

One of the best parts of the weekend was meeting the newest member of this brood, Baby E, (who is about 2 1/2 months Georgia's senior), and getting to witness her first steps! E is so good natured, smiley, and chill. I'm not sure, but this may have something to do with being the 4th of 4 girls. She is not really phased by anything.

Exhibit A: Adorned with her sister's headband, chewing on a (very sanitized, I'm sure) ball that may or may not have been a dog toy in a former life... : )

Exhibit B: Ragdoll E, the beneficiary of attachment sistering.

I'm sure cousin Sara and Aunt Margaret and Uncle Fred must've had a good chuckle at our coddling of Georgia in comparison. She loved the girls and did pretty well holding her own, only sporadically bursting into tears after getting a little overstimulated by all of the attention and commotion. We do try to be laid back, but I guess with the 2 of us outnumbering our 1 little niblick, we still tend to be swoopers.

This photo is for Mom, who says that we do not have enough photos of the 3 of us. We're working on it.

So, the alternate title for this post would've been, "Pantsless Wonder and her Genius Parents."
Notice that in the above shot Georgia is wearing pants. Who loses their kid's pants at the airport? That would be us. Well, more accurately, I think we must've lost the pants in long term parking. Georgia was so happy in the Ergo that after we deplaned, I didn't feel like bothering with stopping in the restroom, so we forged ahead to baggage arrival and on to the car. Expecting a long, traffic-filled drive home and having not changed her diaper in several hours, we did a back seat switch-er-roo before getting on the road. I have this feeling the pants must've been left on the roof of the car. And I might not've brought this story up but for the fact that all day long I'd been meaning to take a photo for posterity of Georgia in her travel T-shirt, you know, somewhere airport-y looking. Or at least travel-ish looking. Which is how we ended up with these photos of our precious daughter, pantsless in the trunk of the Honda in our parking space at our condo. So wrong. But so fun.


Thanks for a fantastic visit! We'll be sure to invite ourselves back soon - ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Georgia, Kate & Joe: We had a wonderful time and loved your visit - Beth, it's time your gang "invited yourselves" to Texas. The welcome mat is ALWAYS out. Maybe when you get finished with your world travels (good luck with that, BTW). :o) We hope you had such a great time that you'll come back soon and often. I thought Georgia did a super job of fitting in, making it a "Fab Five." What fun!! Love the pictures.

Love - Aunt Margaret & Uncle Fred

jessica said...

All of the girls are so cute! Where did you get that awesome and hilarious t-shirt for Georgia? I love it!