Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet Pappy Daniels

This is a random post in the midst of an otherwise birthday focused week, but oh well. Georgia's been blessed with many nicknames: Bobinx, the Niblick, sweet pea, little peach, etc. (You could say that Joe has a natural gift for inventing words and creating pet names.) This picture embodies the origin of one of Georgia's nicknames, Pappy Daniels. It's the post-bath, freshly combed hair look. Something about the smoothness reminded Joe of the character Pappy Daniels, the governor of Mississippi in O Brother, Where Art Thou?, except that (i) really that guy's name was Pappy O'Daniel, (ii) he was loosely based on actual former Texas governer W. Lee O'Daniel (thank you Wikipedia), oh, and (iii) he looks nothing like our daughter. No matter - the name has stuck. So Pappy Daniels she is.

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Susan said...

I love that story!!

My sister also has a gift for pet names. In my life, I've been called Boo Bat, Upsalon (not sure of the spelling on that one), and Sooooey (yelled like you call pigs), among many others.