Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Toy!

Ours, not hers. Although, this clip would lead you to believe otherwise:

Check out Georgia's mad balancing skills. I love how she puts her arms up instead of out, like she's trying to stick the landing in Olympic gymnastics:

All that balancing makes a girl pretty tired:

The video below is of the horsey game that I've mentioned before. Of course, she's making me look like a liar here, because you will hear no laughter in this clip. You can tell she likes it, though, since she asks for more:

Lastly, a dizzying video of Joe spinning Georgia through the air. My favorite part is the little "ohhh" at the end:

Apologies for the spewing of multiple silly videos all taken on the same night, but we had to test out our new toy. I did not promise they'd all be high cinema.

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