Thursday, January 8, 2009

Really? No Giggles at All?

No comments on the prior post? Hmmm...back me up here people, please. Is that sweater not ridiculous? (And don't you realize that the self-absorbed exercise that is blogging about myself, my random thoughts and my family can only be fueled by the sweet, intoxicating feedback of your comments?) : )

Jan. 2009, note to self: you are not half as amusing to others as you are to yourself in your own head.


Danni said...

I wasn't sure who it was wearing the sweater which impacts the hilarity. If it's Joe, yeah it's hilarious and I laugh at him. If it's your dad, well I feel bad if I laugh. If it's you, there's no excuse for that and I maybe cry a little.

Emily said...

Here I sit in my rathole of an apartment in Cambridge while Clayton is in Calgary, in my first week back in the office, laughing at Joe's blast-from-the-past sweater. The humor was much appreciated.