Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Take Me to St. Somewhere!

At this point, I'd settle for sunny St. Louis. It's cold here. Damn cold. In fact, we're officially experiencing the coldest winter in 15 years. Plus heaps o' snow. There have been way too many "double scarf" days for my liking -- as in, one scarf for your neck, another one for covering most of your face.

Which is why, I'm officially putting the world on notice (Joe, are you reading this?), that anytime anyone feels like surprising me by whisking me away to a tropical location, I'm game. You know, this year or next, or even if it's decades from now....I'd be thrilled.

Just thought I should put that out there in case there was any confusion on this point.

Okay, carry on. And stay warm, my friends.


Mike&Maggie said...


Anonymous said...

Uhhh....don't want to start a family feud, but there's a nice house with a pool for sale right down the street......and I'd LOVE to pamper all three of you.....
Tee Hee--
Aunt M