Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crocs with Socks

Two and a half hours in a doctor's office this morning followed by dropping Georgia off with her nanny at home, zipping through a drive through for lunch on the way back to the office (feeling the pressure of the need to get back to work, but not wanting to subject myself or others to starving pregnant lady syndrome), preparing for a (pointless) presentation, giving said presentation at an after-work training program, arriving home just in time to bathe Georgia and put her to bed, eating dinner (which Joe cooked - thank God ), logging back on to revise a contract, hitting "send" on the contract and then throwing on Joe's coat (yeah, it's June now, for crying out loud, but we're having another "unseasonably cold" snap) because my girth is too wide for my own, plus (and this was the capper, I think) crocs with socks (because my feet need warmth and comfort and I just do not even care at this point) to go to the grocery store (because Joe is still working and expecting a client call at home at this hour) so that we can at least subsist for a few more days. Whew - that was exhausting. The run-on sentence and the day.

Just a venting post here to say, where does the time go? I'm sure everyone can relate as we are all leading lives that are probably way too busy.

(And please, I am begging you, those of you with 2 or more children, try very hard to refrain from leaving comments telling me how I am delusional in my desire to find a few more ounces of down time because we are about to have even less in about 10 weeks. We are well aware that sleep deprivation mode (and likely accompanying total chaos) is just around the corner. Please just chortle smugly to yourselves if you must.)

To end on a few positive thoughts:
--The appointment went well this morning. More on that some other time.
--I did get a truly outstanding extended snuggle hug from Georgia at the end of her day, as she was apparently exhausted, too. That has got to be the best drug on the planet.
--The anonymity of the big city is sometimes one of its best features. How else can one comfortably shop in an oversized coat and crocs with socks?

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