Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just the Shirt, Please

Why is it that whenever you try to buy anything in a store anymore they expect your full bio? I always decline when asked for my phone number, name, email, etc. (for no reason - I'm not talking about a warranty or return process or something like that). A lot of people don't even realize when they're checking out that you don't HAVE to give the cashier this requested information.

I am so steamed because I bought something today, declined to give my last name, and then realized later from looking at the detailed receipt that the cashier had gone ahead and entered my full "customer name" in their system anyway by just typing it off of my credit card after I handed it to her. Grrrr.....

If it weren't for the ease and consumer protection benefits of paying with a credit card, and the fact that I typically only have about $2 on me at any given time, I might have to revert back to a cash only system.

Sorry people, I am cranked this week. Can you tell?


Mike&Maggie said...

I get annoyed with that also, it makes checking out take an hour and it never benefits you... it's not like you're on a special list that gets you half off new items.

Crystal said...

Thank you -- This is one of my biggest pet peeves! And I love when the salespeople look at you like you're rude when you say you don't want to give your phone number or name when buying a $3 item.

I had to buy a gift from the american girl store and they took all the info from my credit card and started sending me catalogues once a week!

Danni said...

They don't do that here thankfully. Of course, we don't have stores :p (j/k)