Saturday, June 13, 2009

Two Bums I Love

Alternate post title: Thong Th-Thong Thong Thong

{Helping Dad sort recycling}

My mom keeps giving Georgia big girl underwear every time she sees her. Georgia's potty training success is still streaky, but she sure does LOVE her underpants. On this particular day she woke up insisting to wear two pairs at once. The day before she was wearing a pair on the outside of her pants. Clearly Georgia has entered the "I can do it myself" stage of toddlerhood, which results in masterful feats (or interesting style choices?) like stuffing her entire body into a single leg hole, pictured above.


Danni said...


benandsherie said...

Interesting choice of "streaky". Harharhar. I am in 3rd grade.

Mike&Maggie said...

LOL. I almost choked on my piece of banana bread. This is hilarious.

Kate said...

Sherie - great minds think alike. ; )

Anonymous said...


Thanks for lighting my dready day at work. I will be chuckling about this all day. - Tom T.