Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Urban Hillbilly Gardening

You may be a city mouse if you can accomplish all planting for the season using a Little Tykes toy shovel.

You may be a hillbilly if you think it's a good idea to get inside the carrying bags for collapsible lawn chairs.

Two of Georgia's latest obsessions: taking her shoes on and off, and paper towels.

Notice that only 1 of these 2 girls is soaked from being hosed off. I swear, Georgia seems to have no ability to regulate her temperature.

Do you think all these chips are giving me a gut?

Sorry, Maggie. I'll take these down if you want. I'm just trying to scare that baby out of ya. It's probably going to want to come kick my arse when it hears about these photos of its mama being posted.

Seriously, though, you are radiant and could model maternity clothes if you wanted to.

Okay, everybody. Think some happy birthin' thoughts for Mags because that baby is officially overdue now. Time for the eviction notice to be posted!

This one's still got some cookin' to do....


Susan said...

Fun post! I love seeing pics of your 2 girls together - so cute! Maggie looks she's about to pop, but she's supposed to look that way about now.

Kelly said...

You guys both look GREAT! I'm so excited to meet these new babies!

Me? A Mom? said...

What cute pregnant ladies you make.

Danni said...

The extent of my gardening is what grows under the fence from the neighbors. It looks nice though!

Cute pictures and you've been eating chips too I see. :p

jessica said...

I love this! I cannot believe how old Georgia and Anna are! I want to visit now! Maybe I missed this, but are you all hanging out in a parking lot?

Kate said...

What, Jessica, you mean you don't recognize our beautiful "yard?" : ) aka, the paved parking area behind our condo building.

With concrete play space like this, I cannot for the life of me imagine why Mike and Maggie are moving to the burbs.

Danni - very funny, very funny. But you're actually right - I do not deny that the majority of my belly is made up of chips, cookies and ice cream.

Mike&Maggie said...

Ha! We look smokin' hot in these photos.

I cannot believe how big I am, it's like even the photographic evidence still somehow amazes me... Oh well, after tomorrow, this will all be a distant memory :-)