Monday, July 13, 2009

Hers and Hers

{A post for Jessica}

Tão na moda.

Está quente.

My friend Meredith coincidentally bought Georgia a pair of flip flops that just so happen to match mine. I promise that this will be both the beginning and end of matching mother-daughter wear for us, okay?


jessica said...

Love it! And in Portuguese and everything! I've never seen such tiny Havianas, too cute!

Danni said...

But those pictures are so awesome!

Kate said...

Oooh - glad you like! Hope I didn't butcher the Portuguese! I used babelfish.

G's tiny Havianas have ankle straps on the back, which you can't quite tell from these pics.

Mike&Maggie said...

Kate, you neglected to mention the matching bedazzled t-shirts you were wearing... Marzo family picnic.

RitaP said...

Muito bom, Kate!! Beijos a voces!!

benandsherie said...

Long live the matchy matchy...don't count yourself out just yet!