Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So, um, there's this whole other blog...

[NOTE: What follows is a blog post that I wrote well before, (like weeks before), June was born. My intent was to just publish this post on our way out the door to the hospital. Okay, a couple of things about that idea... Um, I am clearly an idiot, because let me tell you how much finding a computer and hitting the "publish post" button on this blog was NOT on my mind as we were preparing to head to the hospital. At that moment, our doula was helping me get dressed after getting out of the bathtub, and reassuring me that, yeah, it was probably more than okay for me to go braless on this trip. Ha - a bra! That really should've been the least of my concerns since I was also gripping the walls and moaning at the time, but more about that whole scene some other day... The other funny thing about this blog post to me (which may not entirely make sense to you at this point, but I still feel compelled to mention it for the sake of posterity) is that, see that sentence in the second paragraph below? The one where the word "day" is in strike-through text, followed by the word "hour"? Yeah, well when I first wrote this blog post, instead of "hour" it used to say "minute" there. I happened to re-read the draft post at some point and specifically thought to myself that I ought to revise that portion, because it really wasn't accurate and might actually confuse some people or have them worried if they didn't hear follow up baby news soon enough. So weeks ago, I went in and changed "minute" to "hour." How ironic. Okay, end of little background stories. Here's the post:]

Before I go on, let me just acknowledge up front that yeah, I know I'm kind of nutso. Kind of weird in some respects. This may be one of them.

Chances are good that I'll be having a baby any day hour now. Which means chances are really good that amid the inevitable newborn chaos that will ensue, posting on this blog will be light for a while. (I'll do my best to share some pictures, but I'm not making any promises.)

I wouldn't want you, my faithful handful of readers, to be left without entertainment/distraction/[insert whatever other reason it is that you visit this blog] during my brief Internet hiatus. Which is why I thought that now might be a good time to mention that Joe and I have this whole other blog that you could read in the meantime. (Ha. "We" have another blog in the sense that "we" have this blog together. Joe is a fantastic editor, but I'm still waiting for him to embrace authorship.)

The other blog is called Dining With Goldilocks and it's all about our experiences dealing with Georgia's food allergies. Basically, it's a place for me to get certain things off my chest, and a place for those who are interested about the status of Georgia's allergies to follow along. I didn't want to clog up this Are We There Yet? blog with allergy stuff, so creating a new blog seemed like a good way to handle it.

If you never click over, that's cool with me. If you do, you might want to go back to the earlier entries (starting in April) to make the most sense of it all, since they sort of build up in chronological order (imagine that).

Pardon the interruption. We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming. (Well, actually, not at all....we hope to have a healthy new addition to speak of soon! Say your prayers, please.)

[POSTSCRIPT: So, that probably wasn't the next blog post you were expecting to find here given that we've just experienced the miracle of birth and welcomed another sweet baby girl to the world, huh? Yeah, I agree. Part of me feels very weird even publishing this post, because I am so happily immersed in newborn cuddliness right now, and the other blog is so unrelated to that. It's not at all where my mind is, and frankly, it's downright ranty at times. But oh well. It's out there, and at moments when I'm not so happily immersed in newborn cuddliness, it does serve its purpose. So I'm going to ignore my hesitation, publish this post anyway, and blame everything on hormones if I later regret it.]


Crystal said...


and yes, i am checking your blog every few hours hoping for new photos of baby june, even though i know you must be exhausted and distracted and trying to figure out a new person...and still in the hospital for goodness sake! and am now feeling like a bad mommy blogger for taking a whole week to put up photos of max.

Anonymous said...

From one of the "Faithful Handful":

I don't want to seem rude or ungrateful, but I feel compelled to quote you in a comment you made on Beth's blog: "Bring on the photos! MORE ! MORE! MORE!" or something like that - I know I got the more more more part right.
:-) Looking forward to many more pictures of your darling girls for years to come.

I think I may skip the allergy blog for now, but you never know - I may get desperate. Are there pictures?

Tom T.