Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm not perfect

After that title, I know what you're thinking, "Duh." But bear with me here. This post was inspired by this one, in which a friend of a friend, (a person I don't even know in real life, I might add), eloquently pointed out that all of our family blogs out here in blogland, despite trying to paint relatively honest pictures of our lives, (many of them even throwing in heavy doses of sarcasm and self-depricating humor), still mostly only portray the choicest bits. The best pictures from the day, the write-ups of holidays and fun outings more often than meltdowns and trips to the dry cleaners. Which is great and all, but isn't really accurate, and can even make some people feel insecure about their own lives - as if they must be doing something wrong, because their own family or life can't measure up in appearance, or fun-ness, or organization, or whatever.

So, she posed the following challenge: "pick up your camera RIGHT NOW. Go around your house and take a picture of everything that you would normally never, ever show on your blog. Be sure to include a self-portrait." And then title the whole thing "I'm not perfect."

I thought this was a fantastic idea and pledged to take her up on August of 2008. Woops. It has taken me a year to get around to doing something that should be REALLY easy. What can I say? I'm not perfect.

With no further ado, here's my first installment in this series. I hope to do it again every so often and challenge you to do the same!

{Wowza. Sexy mama. 7:45 a.m. Lotion bottles have been propped that way for about 2 weeks, btw.}

{The last 5% of a filing project. Staring at me from next to our hamper for about a month and a half now.}

{Like our photo display? Sad thing is, this is actually a major step forward because the frames previously sat empty on our kitchen table, next to the printed pictures, for several months.}

{Kitchen sink. Remnants of last night's dinner. Etc.}

{Typical view of the downstairs back hall. There's always something "in progress" down there.}

{Needs to be re-routed. I cannot bear to contact Comcast for a service call. Major avoidance.}

P.S. Joe's comments upon seeing me perched on the kitchen counter, photographing our messy sink:
1) "Get down. Georgia, tell Mommy to get down from there."
2) "What are you doing? Is this for some kind of mocking post?"

EDITED TO ADD: Over 12 hours later...I can hear Georgia talking to herself in her room. Should be sleeping. Singing "Wheels on the Bus" and "Happy Birthday" (we hit two parties this weekend), and then I hear, "Mommy on counter. Mommy GET DOWN!" Geez, family! Take it easy.


Danni said...

You haven't fooled me one bit.

katandkarl said...

my house looks eerily similar in oh so many ways.

jessica said...

I still think you're perfect :) I love this idea for a blog post!

Crystal said...

i LOVE this post! it reminds me of the feeling i get from reality tv. i love seeing people's secret piles.

Anonymous said...

This post is OK - but I like you other posts BETTER! :-)

And - you look great in your 7:45am mirror shot. Many woman would be jealous of how good you look without trying.

Sara said...

LOVE it, obviously. I was checking in to see if you had the baby yet and was thrilled to see that you did this post. I can't believe I did the original one a year ago. Time for me to update...I am going to go grab my camera! Can't wait to hear the baby news and also the cool name you are sure to use. If you haven't settled on one yet, Lucy & Phoebe are very awesome choices :)