Friday, September 18, 2009

June's 1st Month

Brevity here.

June can generate an entire load of laundry in 2 seconds flat. And she has had no poop blowouts yet. Zero. All puke, my friends. I go downstairs to nurse her fully clothed and return wearing only a bra and underwear. Not uncommon.

FAQ = does she looks like Georgia? One day she'll get a chance to become her own person, but this is what people want to know right now. Answer I think is yes. Pictures coming later.

Major project of the month = growth. Joe says it's a top down process, because her head feels more enormous in our arms each day. Her shins are still tiny.

She's migrated from our room, to the hallway, to the pack 'n play bassinet downstairs. So Joe's sleeping much better now. And she's giving me some breaks, too. Keep it up, June.

Also, she has ears. Promise.

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Kelly said...

She's so beautiful Kate! I can't believe how much she's changed in the few weeks since we were there. Crazy how quickly it happens!