Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Realistic Depiction of the Current State of Affairs

We breed pukers. It's a fact.

With Georgia as a newborn, and us being first time parents and all, we actually called the pediatrician's office for advice and reassurance when she started spitting up copious quantities after EVERY feeding. The issue was, as it turns out, a laundry problem, not a medical problem. Fortunately, it only went on for, oh...about a YEAR.

This time around, we're not worried about June. It just takes some getting used to to be puked on this much.

Apparently it's payback, because my mother tells me that I was the exact same way as a baby.

Also, I'm sorry if "puke" isn't your word of choice for such things. I guess we're supposed to say "spit up," right? But puke (as a word) is kind of a joke in our house, because somehow of all the choices - barf, throw up, etc. - puke is the word that Georgia latched on to at a very early age. The dead pan, matter of fact way that she uses it cracks us up. She'll say, "I puked," in the same way that most people would say, "Today is Wednesday." Lately, of course, she has opportunity to hover near June as I'm feeding her, or as she's lying in the bassinet, and then announce several times a day, "She puked," with masterful nonchalance.

Okay - segue...

Today was a special day, because we took the girls in for their 2 year and 2 week doctor's appointments, respectively. Just as we began unloading everyone from carseats, Georgia booted all over the place. A shocker, really, because after outgrowing the baby spit-up year, she really hasn't been one to be sick to her stomach often. So, into the ped's office with a shirtless toddler we went. (Silly me, I had packed a contingency change of clothes for the 2 week old but not the 2 year old.)

Everyone got a clean bill of health, so we left, determined to make our next planned stop at the grocery store because it was on the way home, and convenient timing, and we are all about convenient right now, shirts be damned. Since we did have an extra swaddling blanket on hand, Georgia wore that in the cart, sort of draped over her shoulders like a scarf. You would think that she's still young enough to be able to pull off such shenanigans (of her semi-delinquent parents) and have it be considered "cute." But Joe overheard more than one person saying, "She really ought to have a shirt on." Well, tsk, tsk. Give me a break, people.

Good news: DCFS hasn't called to follow up on us yet. And we weren't turned away for violation of a "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy.

Okay - segue...

For those interested in such things as baby stats, all of this puking doesn't seem to be holding anyone back in the growth department. By the numbers:

June at 2 weeks: 9 lbs., 2 oz. (up 1 lb. from birth weight); 22 inches (that's what they say, but can this number be trusted? is it possible to grow 2 inches in 2 weeks?)


Mike&Maggie said...

Shame on the folks who tsk'd you at the grocery store. I think you deserve a high five!

Good to hear the puker is gaining weight like a champ. She is a cutie!

benandsherie said...

I really relate to the "she puked" non-chalance. Elliot is very quick with her own version, "Samantha has a poop. Pass me the red crayon."