Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do They Look Alike?

It's taken me a while to get these up. They were taken when each of the girls was about 2 weeks old. One of these little angels is asleep right now, and the other has been giving us hell for the past 3 hours. Can you tell who is who?

Cow Dipe-2

Cow Dipe-4

Cow Dipe-1

Cow Dipe-3

I actually think the girls are starting to look less alike as time passes, but since this blog is running on about an 8 week delay you can judge that for yourself a bit later.

P.S. Hand me down diapers! I know, right? Holy awesomeness, batman. I'm downright giddy at the sight.


Danni said...

Clearly I'm not a parent, because babies all look the same to be :ducks:

Hey I'm going to be in Chicago in March. I want to see y'all.

Kate said...

Our March is completely open at the moment. : ) Looking forward to seeing ya.

Oh, and don't feel bad, b/c most newborns look the same to me, too!

jessica said...

I think they look like sisters, but they don't look exactly alike. But they are both super cute, that's for sure. You and Joe make good babies :)

Me? A Mom? said...

At first glance, yes, very alike to me but I can see the differences for sure, subtle as they are. :)