Monday, December 7, 2009


{Georgia's besties, from October '09.}

Chillin in Harry's room.


This last one is more accurate:

At the playground with Anna.
At the playground...


"Georgie" and "Nanna," as they like to call each other these days.

Spontaneous hand holding. Unprompted, I promise.
Friends strolling


Okay, now the best part of this picture is that in the reflection on the door you can see Maggie and me, bouncing Abe and June, all while snapping the photo, of course:
Georgia & Anna and More in the Door

Serious gourmet at our house on this particular evening - pizza delivery on paper plates. The girls balanced their napkins on their heads like hats and then sat there shouting "Two hats!" back and forth across the table at each other over and over, cracking each other up. High times. It doesn't get much better than two hats in Georgia and Anna's world...or in ours, for that matter.
Two Hats Gourmet


Danni said...

How cute!

Kelly said...

Evelyn is on my lap while I'm reading this, and she's smiling from ear to ear at the pictures of Georgia and Anna :) Cute, cute pictures!

Mike&Maggie said...

Oh, my heart just melted. I'm so glad you captured those moments!!

Those pics are awesome. Might need a little double posting on my blog also.

Crystal said...

So cute!

Next time you're over, we'll have to show you Harry's "little people." There's a little girl figure with a bob he calls Georgia. Over and over and over, we act out "harry and georgia go to the zoo." "harry and georgia talk to santa." so funny.