Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Allergy Update: Egg Challenge

Well, shoot. For those who care about our kids and haven't heard the news already, please take the time to click over to my allergy blog to read all about Georgia failing her egg challenge yesterday. (There is a silver lining to the story.)

In other bummer news of the pediatric allergy variety, my friend Maggie's son Abe was diagnosed with a peanut allergy yesterday. (To that I say -- 6% my ass! Time to work on the national food allergy statistics, scientists. Why does this problem keep growing?)

Do you like us?
Do you like reading about our family and seeing pictures of our kids?
Do you have kids of your own?
But, do you get annoyed by the allergy related snack rules and "allergy moms" out there?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, please think of us the next time you run across an allergy related inconvenience and are tempted to moan or roll your eyes, because the Georgias and Abes of the world sometimes need your cooperation to get by.

Okay, end of pity-party-soap-boxing session. (See, this is why I try to confine the allergy stuff to that other blog.) : )


Maggie said...

thank you!

Danni said...

I think you can talk about allergies here -- why a separate blog? I don't have kids but love seeing and hearing about yours cause they're so cute and I like their parents.

jessica said...

Yes, I like you guys.
Yes, I love reading about your family and seeing your pictures!
No, I don't have kids of my own and no, I don't get annoyed by "allergy moms." What is annoying, at least in the childcare field, are parents who do not inform us of allergy related snack rules!
Anyway, I'd like it if you didn't just confine the allergy stuff to "that other blog."

Kate said...

oooh - they like us! they like us! they really like us!

oh, c'mon -it's not that hard to click 2 places, is it? : )

I'm not saying I'll never mention allergies here, but I just need a place to really vent/rant/educate/talk about it more than I want to here.

Oh, plus that other blog is linked to my FB account whereas this one is not. Believe it or not, there are people out there interested in the allergy stuff that are not really so interested in the mundane details of our family life. (Shocking, I know.) : )