Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Except baby.

Yeah, that's kind of June's thing lately - rolling over on to her stomach while in her crib, but then waking up and getting really mad about it because she has trapped herself up against the slats and can't roll back over. A certain quantity of sleep has been lost due to this trick, so we're looking forward to her making it through this phase.

So, here are some highlights of the 5 month report: (5 months old?! How did that happen?!)
  • being enthralled by her big sister
  • sitting in a Bumbo seat and serving as our centerpiece at meals (until her abs give out and she kind of folds over on herself, that is)
  • sounding like a dolphin.
  • attempting to stuff the entire world into her mouth.
  • smiling when you enter the room.
  • being super snuggly. Way more snuggly than Georgia ever was after the newborn phase. June is much more into hanging out in your lap, on your hip, or against your shoulder. It's great.

{Seems I hardly ever get to go outside, yet they tell me I really need this hat.}
  • having skin so amazing that it feels like I'm hugging a cloud. "Smooth as a baby's butt" as reality, not metaphor. Seriously, I basically pet her it's so fantastic. And I'm sure it's probably just "normal" baby skin to the rest of you, but to us, it is such a departure from all of the skin issues that poor Georgia suffered her first year of life. [BTW, many people have asked, and so far, so good with June on the eczema/allergy front. (*knocks wood*) But I do admit I'm kind of paranoid and sometimes feel like I'm just waiting for all of that to start.] [Yo, Maggie - I stuck that hyperlink in just for you, to ease your mind about Abe's sensitive skin.]
  • not pooping. Okay, slight exaggeration. But it is really infrequent. (FYI, for those of you not immersed in babyworld, this is not uncommon and presents no cause for concern - some babies go only once a week.) To give you some idea, though, Steph the Nanny revealed to me this week that she has only confronted TWO poopy diapers from June since she was born. Granted, given the division of labor around these parts, that's not entirely unfathomable, but still...TWO?!
  • spitting up. With fervor. Frequently. Joe often ponders whether we are diapering the wrong end.
  • laughing. A belly laugh from June at the end of a long day is such a cherished reward.
  • growing peach fuzz in place of all the hair she's lost.
  • holding her arms stiff and straight, heading backwards out from her body. Picture a ski jumper mid-flight, minus the skis.
So, as you might imagine, June's got that second child thing going on. As in, she probably doesn't get picked up quite as many times a day as Georgia did at this age. She's having fewer books read to her, despite our best efforts (and despite her love of stuffing them in her mouth). Hey, I'm a second child myself, so I can say these things without any misgivings. She's not short on love, I can promise you that.

Here's the thing, though. We've realized that there's one big thing that June's got going on in her little 5 month old life that Georgia never did. Namely, The Georgia Show. She watches her big sister's every move in total rapture, and it's pretty sweet for us to see as parents.

Video proof:

(Note spit up followed by, "I'll get you a burp cloth," at the very end.)


Me? A Mom? said...

Seriously, five months old already? Wow.

And I'm convinced second children are more snugglie as a survival mechanism. Rosalie is the same way. Love it.

And that pooping thing, where can I get me some of that? I'm up to my ears in poop over here.

Aunt Kathy said...

I love reading your blog. It allows me to relive the wonderful days when Clair and Annie were that young. They are about the same distance apart as June and Georgia and remain the best of friends.

Kelly said...

Such a sweet baby! And I absolutely love her laugh - music to the ears. Great post, Kate!

By the way, you look FANTASTIC!!!