Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Buddha

chubby chubby chubby. love it!


oh, and here's how she got those faint red marks (this is a tickle, not an attack):


No, Georgia is not in charge of bathing June, but this is pretty much the scene at bathtime. Georgia asks to "watch," and then spends the next 20 minutes (long after June's out of the tub) filling up and dumping out those little plastic Medela breastpumping bottles with bath water until she's drenched. We've finally learned to just take her shirt off beforehand.

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Maggie and Mike said...

LOVE this. Plus, you've convinced me to start bathing Abe in the sink like you're doing here. For some reason I thought folks were telling me just to put him inside the sink and I couldn't get my head around how that was easier. But, now I get it.

Thank you, oh wise one.