Sunday, February 7, 2010

Georgia the Body or Georgia the Mind?

Georgia has a full vocabulary, but for all the words she knows and understands, there are still a few seemingly simple ones that befuddle her either in pronunciation or meaning. Let's do I put this? Okay, I'll just be straightforward.

She thinks the word "body" means crotch. Or her lady parts. Something in that region.

I have no idea how this misunderstanding came about. We've tried correcting her. We've tried explaining. But it's still causing weekly, if not daily, stifled laughter around here. You would be surprised the number of times the word body comes up in regular speech. If you ask her where her body is, she's likely to do a Michael Jackson move. Oh, and be careful if she's playing doctor and wants to take your body temperature or put a band aid on your body.


This is a total non-sequiter, but now that I've embarrassed her, I'll try to even things out with a bit of overt motherly bragging.

I took Georgia to Target today, and in the parking lot she sat there looking at the sign and spelled out the whole word! "I see a T! And an A! And an R!" (You get the idea.) It was so cool! (Now, it would have been even cooler had we not both been sitting in time out in the car at the time. Well, technically she was in time out for having shoved me; I was busy ignoring her from the front seat.)


Maggie said...

Anna says BODY, too, when she talks about that area! I don't bother correcting her though because I don't think I could really handle hearing other things come from her mouth.

Don't ask me how we will survive 7th grade science.

Danni said...

That's really funny!