Monday, March 8, 2010

How Can You Argue With This Logic?

Various quotes heard around our household in recent weeks: 

"My shoulder has a tummy ache."

"No, don't kiss me - it hurts my feelings!"

"DON'T FALL DOWN!" (To her pants, in frustration. She has also taken to yelling at cups, dolls, all sorts of inanimate objects.)

[And from me:]  "Sweetie, _____ don't have ears." (Fill in blank with appropriate inanimate object, e.g., "pants don't have ears." This is how I attempt to explain to her why her problem solving technique of yelling at the object in question might not be working out. Hey, at least she's "using her words," right?)
"Well, sometimes kids are busy, so...."  (Her answer to Steph the other day when asked to help clean up.)  We get a lot of "well's" and "the thing is" from her lately.  It makes me giggle, because I know she picked up, "the thing is" from me.  At bedtime the other night she said to Joe as an attempted stall technique, "The thing is, we're still talking, so..." 

"The road is making my eyes wet."  (Said while in the car.)

My favorite:  For God knows what reason, Georgia loves baby socks.  She nabs them from June's drawer and stretches them to fit on her feet whenever she can.  They kind of stay on but look pretty silly.  Her cousin Alice was over and asked Georgia, "Why do you love baby socks?"  Response:
"I like baby socks because I am allergic to peanuts."   
Of course, why didn't I think of that!

Other things that make perfect sense: going "running for exercise" (a favorite activity) means throwing on shoes and outerwear to sprint up and down the hall. Of course, shoes don't fit over footy pajamas, so duh, you have to strip down first.



Why is it I foresee her streaking across a college campus someday?


Danni said...

That's hilarious. Makes perfect sense about the socks.

Emily said...

She's obviously ready for the LSAT . . .

Kate said...

Emily, you are cruel.

Susan said...

I actually kind of get the shoulder w/ a tummy ache thing because sometimes I get headaches in my feet. I'm serious.

Crystal said...

OMG. these quotes are making my day. :)