Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 6th - ¡Libertad!

We're sick of sick, and February was full of it - blech.  I'll spare you the gory details.

Wahoo!!! Saturday it was finally warm enough for this:



And this:
Actual temp in the above photo = 42 F.  And there were people in shorts, I kid you not.  Cracks me up.

Clearly, we were all starting to go a little stir crazy on the inside...


Susan said...

Joe is the best! Love the way June is looking at him in that pic...she seems to think he's gone crazy as well.

Maggie said...

Spring is around the corner. I know it!!!

Kelly said...

This last picture made me laugh out loud. I love it! We've got spring fever BAD here, too. I hope it gets here soon!

Ann said...

YAY for sunshine and warmer weather! Hope it arrives and stays. Nothing but rain here in NYC this weekend but that MUST mean spring is near.

Cindy said...

We saw the same people in shorts! Can't believe we missed you. Maybe we're in the twilight zone or something.