Friday, April 30, 2010


Eek!  Can you hear the squealing coming all the way from my house?  I am in love, love, LOVE.

With this:
That's right, my very own - er, I mean, June's very own - custom ordered, handmade, Missouri-shaped wooden teether from Little Sapling Toys!  A Mother's Day present to myself, all for just $12.00.

So smooth and purty.




I hear they'll make other states, too....but why?


Angelique said...


Ann said...

Love me some Missourah pride! I especially like seeing the teether in action though. Way to introduce June to our beloved state.

jessica said...

I love it! At first I thought it was a napkin ring and got super excited but I'm sure I could use a teether too.

Emily said...

Why other states? Good question, indeed. Thinking of states with which I have an affiliation, I realize that Colorado would be way too boring, West Virginia would probably be a choking hazard, the hole couldn't really be centered the same way in New York or Pennsylvania, and Cape Cod would break off of Massachusetts . . . Missouri truly is perfect.