Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Post I: Stick to the PAAS

(My attempt at less messy egg dyeing with a 2 year old)

Step 1: Make little scraps of tissue paper. (Colorful bowls optional.)

Step 2: Dip paper in water. Or egg in water. Or fingers in water. Whatever works.

Step 3: Stick wet paper to egg.


Step 4: Admire your work. Let dry. Dye from paper is supposed to bleed on to eggshell.

Step 5: Dried paper sloughs off, leaving...
...very pastel, lightly dyed eggs???

Hmmm. Okay, so the point here is that the process was fun (and less messy), even if the end result was less than thrilling (to me).  Turns out there are different kinds of tissue paper - "art paper" that bleeds better, and then whatever it is that I bought.

I later re-dyed some of the eggs with the good ol' PAAS kit (what? I had already bought it, okay?), but I think bright eggs just weren't meant to be this year, because one of the three dye tablets turned out to be a total dud!


Maggie said...

I actually really like the paper mache'd ones :-) We tried just painting on the eggs with Anna's water colors and that worked, too. It was messy, but she liked it a lot.

Beth said...

Looks like the eggs would be pretty if you 'painted' some elmers glue in water over the top of the tissue? Some decopauge eggs?

Ann said...

Nice tutorial. I actually like the pastels. Am I am wuss? Maybe. Something about the paper and then the unveiling is kinda nice.