Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Post II: Posed Easter vs. Real Easter

Best line of the day (from Georgia): "The Easter Bunny brought us bad meat!"
(In order to save the big meal that Joe had planned, I had to exchange meat on Easter Sunday because ours had inexplicably gone bad.  Very, very bad.  We did try to explain to Georgia, though, that this was not the bunny's doing.) 

Georgia also asked us if the Easter Bunny had keys to our place.  When we got her up that morning, she declared that he had probably rung the buzzer.  (Excellent questions - I mean, Santa's entry is clear, but details on the bunny are sparse.) 

Posed Easter:
This marks the first ever occasion of my having adorned either of my daughter's semi-bald heads with a baby headband. I am generally opposed to such things but found this one beyond adorable. Coordinated flower barette for Georgia. I mean, I'm pretty sure God blessed me with 2 little girls for the sole purpose of dressing them up for church on Easter Sunday and showing them off to the world, right?  (P.S.  Yeah, that grin on June is for real.  We get it about 100 times a day.  How great is that?)

Real Easter:
Georgia's noggin is huge, and she can wear her dad's baseball cap. She quickly ditched the cute barette in favor of wearing this hat down the aisle for the children's sermon. Where we were the only people with children. In a very packed church. Suddenly I felt like we were part of the show. And Joe missed all of this because he was still parking the car.

Posed Easter:

Real Easter:
Let's blow bubbles all day long, directly into people's faces.


Posed Easter:

Real Easter:
Let's use tongs to get Easter grass all over the place, and then ride Mom around like a horse while she meticulously collects this choking hazard into a bucket, strand by strand.


More reals:
Our babaloo is scooching! Doesn't she know you're supposed to sit before you crawl?

Hope your weekend was great. For all the bitching that I do about the weather, I must add that it has been BEAUTIFUL around here lately. An amazing streak of unseasonably warm temps. It does wonders for my mood. (I would say that it makes me think of moving, which it does, except that then all family would freak out. Oops. I said it. But I don't think I really mean it.)


Danni said...

Unbridled cuteness!

Crystal said...

That's why harry and georgia are such good friends -- both have giant heads! (to accomodate their huge brains :)

Oh, that june's grin is something!

Susan said...

Very cute. I love their barrette/headband duo. When did June grow up? She suddenly looks less babyish!

Reachel Bagley, Stylist said...

Your family is beautiful!! I'm so glad I followed your link over here. :)

Kate said...

Susan - how can you say such awful things? : ) j/k.

Reachel - thanks! you know that headband idea pretty much originated from your site, right?

jessica said...

Those are probably the cutest headbands and barrettes I've seen! I think you need to get Georgia and June into modeling. And regarding moving...maybe the fam would be willing to follow!?

Cindy said...

Love the headbands. Coming from the mom of 2 boys, go for the cuteness!! I'm living vicariously through you.