Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Look Who Graduated to the Sink

She's finally steady enough in her sitting to handle this. I heart babies in sinks. *SWOON*

June Bath 8 Months-1
June Bath 8 Months-2
June Bath 8 Months-3
June Bath 8 Months-4
June Bath 8 Months-5
June Bath 8 Months-6

This brings us one step closer to realizing my dream of having Georgia and June bathe together. I'll keep you posted.

(Actually, if we're getting technical about it, Georgia, June and I have already taken a few combined baths together - all 3 of us. I think I'm such a sucker for a swimming pool that this poor substitute nearly sufficed.)


Danni said...

Such great pictures! And the flower ones are funny too. My sister in law moved from Brooklyn to the burbs in New Jersey after both her children were terrified of grass. She found that wrong.

Cindy said...

Those pics are great! It's so great bathing them together. So much less work. Have a great weekend!

Angelique said...

Great pictures of your bathing beauty!!!