Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rise and Shine






Total elapsed time approx. 15 seconds.


Susan said...

This is great! I was questioning weather that was June in the first few pics, but it's obvious in that last one - I'm just so used to seeing her all smiley!

Kelly said...

Sleepy babies are my favorite! She's so, so, so cute!

jessica said...

I love that! What a great post idea!

Kate said...

isn't it funny how babies (mine, anyway) sleep with their bums up in the air?

it wasn't really a post idea, I just went in b/c I thought she was up and then discovered she was still asleep. snapped some pics and ended up with this funny sequence.

jessica - thanks for the onesie!

Crystal said...

OK, I was going to ask if you had to wake her up...and be even more jealous of your child's sleep habits than I already am!

I LOVE the onesie! so cute!

And i just want to cuddle her up every time I see a picture! She's so sweet!