Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, June!

Day 2
June, Day 2

Day 13
June, Day 13

Day 352

Day 366
June, Day 366

Happy 1st Birthday, Juney June! A year later, and you can't seem to shake that guy from your head. Oh, and if you are ever wondering, I think your dad loves you just a little bit. Like a lot a lot. Me too.

Happy Birthday to the one and only Junebug we love so much we can hardly stand it.


Kelly said...

Happy 1st birthday, June!!! Gosh, a whole year... how did that happen? What a sweet, beautiful baby girl you guys have. I hope you had a happy, happy day.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday June!! We can't wait to celebrate you when we get back to Chicago! You are the cutest little potato we know!

jessica said...

Happy Birthday, June!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, June! I love blogs because I feel like I've met her - have to remind myself that I have not!

Crystal said...

I can't believe how June she looks from the very first moment. So her in that first picture. I need to see her more, she's the cutest! Happy bday!