Friday, September 17, 2010

Blue Hat, Green Hat

Ever pick up a children's book and wonder how such a basic, basic story line ever got published?  At the board book level they are often not even stories.  Maybe you've even become bitter over the fact that somewhere out there someone has made a mint off of that very board book, because you've seen it in every one of your friend's homes. 

Of course there are other children's books that perfectly capture the imagination through poetic words and original illustrations. 

And then there's the third category.  Books that don't jump out at you as anything noteworthy, but which the children adore.  Books that drive them to fits of laughter.  Sandra Boynton, I'm sorry I ever doubted you. 

[Video from a month or so ago.]


jessica said...

I love June's laugh! So cute!

Courtney said...

Right after I read your title my mind said "red hat, oops!" We need some new books!