Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Hurrah of Summer

Okay, so technically it was the first full day of fall, but I wanted to squeeze in a spontaneous after work picnic at the beach to celebrate the waning days of September warmth. (I say spontaneous, but with young kids, hardly anything ever is, right? This was premeditated by at least half a day.) Mother nature cooperated by providing a final burst of unseasonably high temps. The only wrinkle with my plan was that I neglected to remember that it gets dark out by 7:00 now. Oh well. Perfect lighting for gobbling up June's chubby bare thighs and feet. This picnic was surely the last time I'll consider it appropriate to take her out in public wearing only a diaper and t-shirt. (Some would say the days of that being appropriate passed long ago or never existed, but to that I say, pppshaw!) And we continued to test the outer limits of the Ergo when Georgia announced she wanted to ride in it for the trip back to the car. The feeling of her head resting on my back was well worth whatever we paid for that miracle contraption years ago.



Picnic in the kinda dark.

Testing the Limits of the Ergo

Kick Kick Kick!

Thighs.  Eat them up.

Random notes:  Georgia kept shouting at that lady in the green shirt to be careful not to fall in.  She wasn't even close.  Also, I had forgotten how fast some of the lakefront runners are.  Holy smokes.  Our neighborhood's joggers do not compare in speed, age, physique, or lack of clothing.


Emily said...

Looking at this post, I was remembering running with you on the lakefront path on a warm fall day and talking about how you and Joe were dealing with your religious differences; you know, because Joe is Jewish . . .

Ann said...

I'm not even sure what that means, but I'm laughing at Emily's comment. Anyway...I love the photos and the lighting. What a gorgeous evening. Glad you captured those chubby thighs once more.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Love this, love that city. :)


jessica said...

Georgia is one of the funniest kids I've met.

Kate said...

Emily - too funny. I will never forget that conversation and finding out that you'd been avoiding serving pork products for like, a year, thinking that was necessary. You're *too* considerate. : )