Monday, September 6, 2010

Synchronized Cupcake Eating

We had a party!  For the full write up and tons of pictures, click on over to Dining With Goldilocks. For reasons I won't bother you with, that's where the party post is being housed.

While I've got your ear, can I just take this moment to say that second only to the abundant commentary we got last year along the lines of, "Oh my God!  They might possibly share the same birthday?  That is the most cruel thing anyone could ever do to their children!" is this year's abundant commentary along the lines of, "A combined birthday party?  Oh, boy, are they ever going to HATE you for that when they're older!"  Seems I should be socking away the money we saved by having one party rather than two and putting it towards future therapy bills.  

Sheesh.  I didn't notice any complaints out of the girls.  All of my threats and intimidation must be paying off.  Just kidding.  But seriously, to the naysayers I say, THEY ARE THREE AND ONE, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!    


Susan said...

I totally agree with you - take advantage of being able to have 1 party while you can!! Eventually the girls may balk at the idea, but for now I think it's great!

Cindy said...

We do the same thing!! We're even doing it this year, when they're 2 and 4! The horror.