Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flowers As Big As Your Head

You didn't know our neighborhood was producing rainforest sized vegetation, did you?
Flowers As Big As Your Head

I took the girls and the camera out for a walk and to capture this amazing dahlia. Wouldn't you know it that the homeowner of this yard arrived just as we did. She was super friendly and kind enough to take this picture, though she did tell Georgia and her "little brother" to have a good night as we were leaving. June gets that a lot, and while I'm not offended, I don't understand it when she's wearing girly clothes. READ HER SHIRT if you are uncertain.

(This is the second installment of my Big As Your Head series. Currently it's also the final installment, but I'll be on the lookout for worthy material.)


Crystal said...

That pretty girl doesn't look like no boy! And I also don't think Max looks like a girl, which is what we get!

katandkarl said...

i feel this 'big as your head' thing could take off. It's pumpkin patch time...SURELY there is an enormous pumpkin out there just waiting to be held us next to our childrens' noggins.

Kassi said...

Check out La Bambas on N. Halsted...burritos as big as your head!

jessica said...

Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. The shirt is purple, with puffy sleeves, has flowers on it AND says she's a girl!
And that flower is amazing.

Sarah said...

Mia gets called a boy too, even when dressed in pink. I don't really care either, but my grandparents were here this weekend and were quick to correct people!