Thursday, October 7, 2010

What I Remember From Preschool

I'll save the details for a different day when I'm in a better frame of mind, but one of the things that gets me about dealing with the challenge of Georgia's adjustment to preschool is that I remember preschool

Actually, I started feeling this way when she turned 3.  It was like, wait.  I remember things from being 3.  Oh crap! Our parenting grace period during which the child remembers none of our shortcomings is over.

It's not that I think Georgia's preschool experience is permanently traumatizing her (yet).  It's just that I wonder what she'll remember looking back years from now.  I want her to have happy memories, not memories of crying.

So on a happier note, and to take a mental break from all the stressing I've been up to, I thought I'd share what I remember from my preschool days.
  • We had cubbies.  I loved having a cubby.  To this day, there is something wonderfully satisfying to me about the compact, organized nature of a cubby.  Even the word sounds soothing to me:  cubby.  Ahhhhh.
  • There was a felt storyboard.  The fact that felt sticks to felt is like mind-blowing science to me.  Amazing. 
  • We had gym/exercise time, and I have no idea if this was a frequent thing or a one time only thing, but I can vividly remember everyone stripping down to their Underoos for running around during gym time.  The cool thing was to have Wonder Woman Underoos.  Running around in them was pretty much the greatest thing ever.  (And now I am curious if my mom's memories of my preschool experience will corroborate this story or not.) 
  • There was either snack or lunch time - whatever it was, we were seated at round tables in a kitchen-like area, and while waiting for food to be served, we'd play Dukes of Hazard with our hands.  This involved pretending your hand was a car, and zooming it all around the table and in the air.  All the girls would fight over who got to be Daisy Duke.  (For real? How did we even know about The Dukes of Hazard? Were we allowed to watch it on TV at that age, or was it something we had just heard about?  I have no idea, but times sure have changed.)
  • I had this white stuffed seal that I loved, and I took it in for Show and Tell one day.  Then, while painting, I spilled green paint all over it.  Of course my mom tried to wash it later, but the seal never was the same.  It always had a green tint to it after that. 
So, what do you remember from preschool?

My Preschool Class
{I'm not close with any of these people but am Facebook friends with 5 of them.}

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Maggie and Mike said...

I know what you mean. I remember things from preschool also. Nothing major, just that it was happy and nice and then there are vague funny stories that I remember (or have been told enough to sorta remember). I'm sure there are good things happening with Georgia, too, though. Hopefully, she'll start sharing those fun moments more instead of the anxious ones.