Monday, November 22, 2010

Did you think we were done with Halloween?

First, hmmmm....I guess only Leslie thought that card was as funny as I did, eh?  That's what happens when you're working on loan documents from home after 11 on a Sunday night and decide to take a break to do a quickie blog post I guess.

Second, Halloween.  This being our family album of sorts, I can't be expected to publish just one sheep costume post and move on, can I?  I mean, I know everyone else is focused on Thanksgiving this week, and half of you all have started (finished? I think I may hate you) your Christmas shopping, but this blog almost always runs on a delay.  So here ya go.

You can't see my slippers, face mask and giant fake bottle of Ambien in this photo, but at this party I was supposed to be an insomniac counting sheep. Get it?

Incidentally, that's what I was wearing when I accosted struck up a conversation with the drummer from Wilco who was dressed as the grim reaper and holding his 3 month old baby who was dressed as a black cat.

(Joe went sans costume, but I think he should've gone for shepherd, or mad scientist cloning sheep, don't you?)

Pumpkin carving:

Smile, everybody!

Now, back to work!

The seeds didn't really need mashing in order to be roasted, but Georgia doesn't know that.


Trick or Treating:


Them's some squirmy sheep!

Georgia didn't seem to mind trading in all her nut-laden candies for safe ones at the end of our short tour of the block. And Joe and I didn't mind later snarfing down all the Snickers and Butterfingers.

Handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.


Georgia on a sugar high, with her stoic friend the Devil Mouse = bizzaro American Gothic.


Warming up indoors. Isn't this homemade Hungry Caterpillar costume pretty awesome?


John said...

What were you doing at a party with Glenn Kotche? I met him in his pre-Wilco days. When I was student teaching, he was the drum teacher that would come to the school a couple of days a week to teach private lessons. Say hello for me if you see him again. Also, have a happy Thanksgiving! We're not coming home this year, but we'll be back for Christmas. Actually, we'll be in town from Christmas through New Years, so if you guys want to get together some time that week, let me know!


Beth said...

I found out he was actually a monk, not the grim reaper. My bad.

Kate said...

monk? hmmm... well, I don't feel bad, b/c he also had to ask me what my costume was. : )

but enough about Glenn! can we all get back to our usual topic of praising the adorableness of my children? j/k.

John - would love to see you at the end of the year!