Monday, November 1, 2010

How to Decorate for Fall

by Georgia
{inspired by this post from our friend and aspiring young designer, Abe.}

First, you're going to need to visit a pumpkin patch.  Not just any old midwestern farm.  It's got to be a good one with giraffes

There you can check out the selection of Indian corn and pick the most colorful ear you can find.  They'll sell it to you with its dry husk attached, but you'll want to shuck the corn as soon as you get home, so go ahead and do that regardless of what your mom thinks of it. 

To complete the look, you'll need a few supplies:  wax paper and scotch tape.  Thoroughly wrap the corn in wax paper, making sure to tape it securely in several spots. 
Indian corn in wax paper
You're finished!  Not only can you proudly display the corn in a windowsill, but it also makes a great accessory.  I carry mine around sometimes and even took it to music class.  The perfect look for fall!

You may want to assign a cardboard robot security detail to your corn, just in case.
Robots guarding corn


Maggie said...

Scream, scream, scream, stomping, stomping, laughing and more laughing.

Love, Abe

Translation: Excellent design and aesthetic choices. I particularly enjoyed your use of tape and selection of wax paper. Let's collaborate!

Beth said...

I appreciate her efforts to preserve the corn in a wax paper sarcophagus. It has to last a whole 11 month til next year. Maybe it's in competition with the spaghetti squash, (R.I.P.).

Emily said...

Did Georgia do the iron-leaves-between-wax-paper craft project in pre-school or is this totally random? It cracked me up.

Kate said...

uh oh, Beth. Joe recently bought a new spaghetti squash. the clock has been re-started. i am seriously hopeful we'll actually eat this one, though.

Em - nope, no school craft project to blame this on. totally random. : )

katandkarl said...

I want a robot security detail. Clearly. Your blog this month has been highly entertaining and it's making me feel like a slacker. the girls look so cute in their boobaa costumes!