Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jessica Simpson Has Good Taste I Guess?

Well, that last post was heavy.  So, enough about the children.  Let's bring this discussion back to me.

Congratulations, Jessica Simpson, on your recent engagement.  Let us all admire your beautiful ring:
You can see why I like it.  My ring, January 2004:

{I've always loved this photo of me flipping out as all of us girls were leaving the room to head to the ceremony, deciding that yes, it was super important that I paint my nails.  30 second self-manicure next to hotel room coffee maker = priceless.}

So, if you're happy, then I'm happy for you, Jessica. But people better not accuse me of copying you. Besides, I bet you didn't buy your wedding band from Grande's on Clark for $75, which means I win:

{Photo circa 2009, when we returned to Grande's with two children in tow to replace Joe's lost wedding band.}

P.S.  Thank you Susan for mailing me my band after I left it on the nightstand in L.A. last month.  Wait - that sounded terrible, didn't it?  But thank you.


Susan said...

Kate, you were definitely the first person I thought of when I saw Jessica’s ring over the weekend! I was kind of surprised she went that route…she doesn’t seem like the type to do something different/unique. I guess maybe it’s becoming a trend. I saw last night that Prince William finally proposed – he used his mom’s ring, and it’s a gorgeous sapphire. After Jessica Simpson and Kate Middleton going the non-diamond route, I have a feeling we’re going to start seeing it more often. At least you can say you had yours way back when and started the trend!

P.S. $75!!! That is amazing!

Kate said...

Susan - I have heard that sapphire engagement rings are actually quite common (maybe even more of a norm than diamonds?) in England.
Oh, and just to be clear, the $75 was for the simple gold wedding band. The ruby engagement ring was, from what I hear, a few pennies more. ; ) And did not, incidentally, come from Grande's.

Emily said...

I, too, thought of you, and Joe's adventures in the diamond (ruby) district, when I read about Jessica Simpson's ring. Could you guys renew your vows or something because I sure could use a good excuse to take a vacation in Mexico . . .