Friday, January 14, 2011

Horizontal Parenting

Georgia's into this new make-believe game where she basically pretends I am the kid, and she is the mom, and then proceeds to tuck me into bed, sing me a song, tell me it's time to go to sleep - the works.  She then turns off all lights, exits, and closes the door behind her.  Moments later she returns (whispering) to check on me, and then either repeats the process (usually several times), or declares that it's time to get up.  Occasionally there is the added twist of her coming back in, pretending to be a cat, and climbing into bed to "surprise" me in my slumber. 

The best part of all this is that my role is to lie in bed under the covers and pretend to sleep.  I am such a pro; I am getting really good at this game. 

Horizontal parenting.  It's one of my favorite kinds. 


Me? A Mom? said...

dude, i'd totally fall asleep. For real.

Beth said...

An unrelated comment - you have been reading the same 5 books on Shelfari for 1 yr +.

Maggie said...

I like that game. Can I play, Georgia? I feel very strongly that I would be good at it.

Kate said...

Cara - I try! Like sometimes when she tries to end it with the "it's morning time. time to get up!" I'm like, "nooooo....sweetie, I'm still resting!" : )

Beth - um. Good point. That has got to go.