Monday, February 7, 2011

Cool Thing

As much as we try to support local vendors at our neighborhood winter farmer's market by stocking up on uncured bacon, you could catch scurvy there.  It might as well be called "winter meat market" these days, because sadly there's very little vegetation to be had.  (Oh - did we somehow drop $25 on frozen blueberries, though?  But of course.  Yikes this outing is not cheap.)  So anyway, I was very excited to come home with this:
live salad greens in window sill
Living salad greens, planted in a gourd.  Supposedly it can live in our place without too much light.  You can eat it bit by bit and let it re-grow, or harvest it all at once (and return the gourd to the guy who sold it, if you're truly virtuous).  We tore into it last night.  Wonder if it will grow back or die now? 


Susan said...

That is really cool. Please keep us posted!

Beth said...

I thought you planted it yourself! It is still awesome, but I am slightly relieved that you did not invent and plan this yourself.

jessica said...

That is so cool and pretty! I hope it grows back.